Lalaview supports all devices with a web browser. That means, many dedicated reading devices, such as Kindle, will work too!

Use our contact form for support services and specify the question or any issues. One of our customer service representatives will respond as quickly as possible.

You might just need Adobe Digital Editions installed, get the link here. Check their website for installation instructions. If that does not work, contact technical support at 1-888-408-0154.

The same device can be used to read books, listen to music and audiobooks. Our content is very dynamic and we support for example all iOS and Android devices but also all laptops, desktops and most tablets.

Your best bet is to contact Lalaview support. Describe your problem in detail and it will be resolved more quickly.

Our support staff. Please let us know everything you can about your problem and we will get back to you as soon as we can with a solution. Expect an answer within 24 hours!

Lalaview has support for most mainstream browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer running on Winsows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Linux. Make sure it's updated though!


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Let hear about it. That way, we can add it for you.

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You can either write to our support department on or you can call us toll free on 1-888-408-0154.

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Feel free to cancel your membership on Lalaview at any time. No further payments will be required and you can keep using the site until your current subscription period ends.

Yes! Lalaview has a priority to bring frequent updates to the amount of content available on the site.